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News Update - June 23, 2007

It's been way too long and everyone would probably like to know that...We're still here. We've gone through some rough patches and have taken some time to restructure things and focus our energies in a more organized manner. We have eliminated some of the animals we were working with and are focusing on a select few as far as our breeding groups.

We have ball pythons from recent hatchlings up to sub-adults that should begin breeding for us this next season. In a couple of years we hope to be producing pastels, cinnamon pastels, woma pastels, normals, black pastels (we contend that the black and cinnamon are 2 distinct varieties and hope to prove this) and are hoping that we have the right combinations to produce super cinnys and ivories. Time will tell and we hope to add to this variety so that it will only get better.

On the boa front we still have our large female salmon and also have a female pastel that should be ready to breed this fall. We're still without a good male to breed them with so are looking, hopefully for one that is ready to breed or is a proven breeder already. We're also open to negotiating a breeding loan situation and anyone interested will find us quite generous with the possible terms.

We are out of the colubrid business, by choice, and only have 1 left here as she's an old, retired breeder who will live out her days being pampered. For any offspring related to the corn snakes we once bred you can contact us and we'll put you in touch with the young gentleman in Indiana who purchased the buld of the last clutches we produced. I expect to hear great things from him in the next couple of years.

Our lizard groups are beginning to take off again. After losing 3 colonies of bearded dragons a few years ago it has taken some time to get over and begin working with them in earnest once again. We finally have a trio showing breeding activity (1.1 gold and 0.1 normal) so are hoping that we will have babies available by fall. The 0.1 gold came from Lynn's Bearded Dragons in Irving so we expect that they'll throw some gorgeous offspring. We got a SHCT Leopard Gecko a little over a year ago and were certain that it was a female. We were able to acquire a blizzard male in February from Go Lizards and they were found breeding this very evening.

We have discovered that we do indeed have an affinity for frogs and have begun getting various species to work with. Currently we have a pair of red and black walking frogs which we hope to expand and breed as well as be able to provide copious amounts of information about since so little is available on the web about them. We've also got a pair of red-eyed tree frogs and hope to expand the numbers with them as well. We have taken a keen liking to the poison dart frogs and kept 4 blue & bronze auratus adults for a while but slowly lost them either due to natural causes or for unknown husbandry issues. We will be working more with dart frogs soon and hope to be able to provide them as froglets next year.

With all of these mouths to feed, it was only natural that we look for ways to cut some expenses and raising our own food was the obvious first choice. So, we are now raising mice, rats and even hamsters (these are 99% for sale as pets) as well as beginning to try our hand at crickets, flighless flies (both hydei and melanogastar) and even superworms. We're hoping to begin raising mealworms by the end of the year.

Since space is always an issue with growing hobbies and enterprises, we're now building our own rack systems to accommodate the growth and expansion. For any rack we have built we will be able to calculate cost and time thus allowing us to offer them for sale in the near future on a built-to-order only basis. We will make pictures available with prices for anyone interested.

Now, for the "crazy" news. about 10 to 11 years ago we had some dogs of a certain breed that we just fell in love with...Great Danes. We now have breeding adults and even have babies for sale at this time. These 4 are Merlequins (3 male and 1 female) and we will have more in the months to come. We are keeping a female from the litter as well as the only 100% deaf male we've ever had. We've already begun teaching the little guy sign language and the siblings are picking up on some of it as well. They're super smart and perceptive. I honestly believe that you can't find a better all-around dog...Great with kids and welcome guests while being protective of their family against any harm.

Well, that's all for now. As if it's not enough. We hope to keep this updated a whole lot better now and hope that you check back often.

Happy Herping.
David and Debbie