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Double "D" Reptiles is owned and operated by Jobes Enterprises, LLC which is in turn owned by David Jobes in Quanah, Texas. Due to a divorce in April 2011 David retained all operation of the reptile business and has chosed to hold it in waiting due to current living circumstances this year. This is due to his re-entering the teaching profession and a move he is not currently able to keep the animals that he has grown so fond of but plans to begin again as soon as the proper opportunity presents itself.

Please check back every month or two to see what changes are in the works. As soon as possible you will be seeing a growing collection along with predictions as to planned breedings.

Until then, David works as a Band Director teaching students in grades 4 through 12 with a growing program. While the 2010-2011 school year brought a great many changes, both professionally and personally, the success has been worth it. And success with reptiles will happen again in the future since this is all being viewed as a little bump in the road.