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Double "D" Reptiles
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Terms and Guarantees


We have fairly easy terms and guarantees. First, we ask for payment prior to shipping any animals. This payment is best sent in the form of a money order or cashier's check for larger orders. We always suggest sending payment via the US Mail as this affords the customer a level of safety because if we should fail to send the animals, we become liable for mail fraud if we have accepted the funds. If money sent in this manner becomes lost in the mail, then it is easier to trace and that particular payment method can be stopped and/or tracked. (As soon as we are legal to ship animals out of the country and are more familiar with this method, we can discuss payment and shipping via telephone or e-mail when making the sale.)

The buyer is responsible for including the cost of shipping the animal(s) unless otherwise noted or agreed upon by both parties.


We are currently in the process of getting approved as FedEx shippers. This is a great boost for our business as all other common carriers either will not accept shipments of live, harmless reptiles or have very severe limitations or processes to get exceptions to ship. Some animals are legal to ship via the US Post Office and we use Express Mail for this method. We have learned that not all express mail is true overnight and they will not legally ship snakes. For this reason, we are going to be offering FedEx Next Day service. Air Cargo with a carrier such as Delta Cargo or Delta Dash is also available and is suggested during extreme weather and for more expensive orders or delicate animals. It is a little bit more expensive, but well worth the cost to insure the safety of the animal(s) being shipped.

In times of extreme weather conditions, shipping may be delayed. If payment has already been sent prior to the problem weather, the buyer will be notified immediately so arrangements can be made and agreed upon. During very cool or very warm times of the year, some animals may require heat/cold packs which will be added to the shipping cost.


We guarantee live arrival of healthy and honestly represented animals. Due to the animal leaving our care and our having absolutely no control over the conditions into which the buyer places it upon arrival, we can only guarantee the animal for 24 hours after arrival/delivery is confirmed by the shipping agent. For certain animals, and if agreed upon by both parties, this period can be extended. Inquire for additional information about this in regards to a specific animal.

If an animal is DOA or does not survive in the guaranteed time, we offer a replacement animal (shipped at your expense) if available or else your money back. We DO need visual confirmation of the animal's condition, either by e-mailing a picture of the animal or in some cases, by returning the animal to us at OUR expense via a carrier of our choosing.