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Double "D" Reptiles
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Because of the free nature of the classified ads made available by Double "D" Reptiles, the owners of this site are not responsible for any false representations of animals, save their own, and are not responsible for the final details of any transaction between buyers and sellers except where they, the owners, are directly involved as one of these two parties. Prospective purchasers are encouraged to check references and animal quality prior to purchase. Sellers are expected to represent their animals honestly and to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

If any dispute arrises between 2 parties, you may contact David and ask for arbitration though no solution(s) or resolution(s) are guaranteed. Persons who have a substantial number of complaints filed with Double "D" Reptiles may be banned from posting animals for sale in the future. Since this is NOT our desire, we ask that all parties take care in dealings and treat each other fairly.

Classified ads will be available for viewing for 30+ days and at the beginning of each month all ads from2 months prior will be deleted. (Ex. on March 1st, all ads for the month of January will be deleted leaving only ads for February still available.)

Please refrain from posting SPAM, constant replies to ads, negative or derogatory comments directed at an individual or business and any other material which might be detrimental to the furthering of this site and it's purpose. Postings of this nature will be removed at the earliest convenience of the classified site administrator.

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