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Double "D" Reptiles

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This page last updated 8/17/2002

Future Projects at Double "D" Reptiles:

You can view our current stock list that will give you an overview of all animals currently kept.


The listing below is our proposed breeding projects for next year. Note that some of these projects will depend on whether certain mates can be found for animals already in stock. We will keep this page updated fairly regularly and post progress as it happens.


Amel. Corns
Normal Corns het for creamsicle
More morphs of corns depending on total genetics of breeder males.
Ball Pythons
next year - look for boas of an as yet undetermined genetic trait.


Bearded Dragons - will attempt something this year
Veiled Chameleons
Jackson's Chameleons


Three-toed Box Turtles
Western Ornate Box Turtles
Russian Tortoises
possibly Sulcatta Tortoises

Misc. Animals

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